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Our Jewelry line is all Krystal!  She has always had a love for jewelry that was both beautiful as well as personalized and with a livestock flair.  She uses our leatherette to create some of the most amazing and fun pieces. 

Our rope line is our true “upcycle line as well as one of the founding products back when we were still AW Prairie Art.  All our rope items are made with true western lariat ropes with a history of use.  We have a couple families from Wyoming and Nebraska that provide us with all our used ropes.  They come in several different color options and can be free formed into a bowl or vase or wrapped around a clock, glass vase or even a lamp to provide that one of a kind usable item.  The real fun thing about the rope is all ours are melted together and not glued so you can wash them and let them air dry.

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Statement Pieces


Canister Sets

Liquor Covers

All size and shape cups, bowls and vases

Add embellishments! (Horns, buckles, jewels, etc)

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Canister Sets

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