Glass on the laser is so amazing.  If we put it on clear glass it gives you a crisp smokey look.  If you use colored glass it turns almost white and looks really cool.  Glass is a fun inexpensive item, making it great for wedding favors, your home bar or even your downtown pub.


  • Wine and rocks glasses:  we have several design options to choose from or they are completely customizable with logos, funny savings and even brands.
  • Shot glasses:  we do several sizes of shot glasses.  We have some styles in stock and also can customize them.
  • Pie plates:  do you take pie to the church or a family dinner and never get your pan back?  We can customize you favorite pie plate any way you want and it is still usable as well as being able to use it in the oven and dishwasher with no problem.
  • Casserole Dishes:  Does your Mom or Grandma have that one dish that everyone loves?  Let us put her recipe on the bottom of a glass dish for you to pass down from generation to generation

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